Hot Wedding Trends for 2013:Paper Lanterns


Paper Lanterns are so beautiful and yet surprisingly very inexpensive. That is why they have become a hot wedding décor item. They can make a reception tent, barn or any ceiling instantly eye-catching, especially when hung in clusters in a mix of different sizes, shapes, and colors more a more awe-inspiring look.

Paper Lanterns DIY Ideas:

  • Hang ornate ribbons or plastic crystals of different lengths from the lower metal ring
  • Glue on artificial flowers or paper butterflies
  • Embellish with pearl or jewels brads
  • Use shaped paper punches to create a unique design
  • Cluster the lanterns with hanging paper flowers and pom poms

Some Beautiful Paper Lanterns for Your Wedding (leave as is or embellish as you like!)

Vintage Calligraphy Paper Lanterns from Save on Crafts


Bird of Paradise Maru from World Market


White Pizelle Paper Lantern from Luna Bazaar


Mango Orange Block Printed Square Lantern from Luna Bazaar


Fuchsia Kawaii Paper Lantern from Paper Lantern Store


Port Red Paper Lantern from Luna Bazaar


Vintage Floral Lanterns from Wrapables


Chocolate Brown Eyelet Paper Lantern from Luna Bazaar


Blue and Gold Floral from Luna Bazaar


Oval Paper Lanterns from Pottery Barn Teen


Bamboo Paper Lanterns from Wrapables


Embellish With: Crystal Garlands (hang from the bottom)


Embellish With: White Butterflies


Embellish With: Wire Orange Leaves (wrap around the outside)


Embellish With: Red Sola Flowers


Embellish With: Jeweled Brads


Embellish With: Silk Ribbon (hang from the bottom)


Paper Lanterns with Butterflies


Paper Lanterns with Ribbon Embellishments


Beautiful Reception Décor with Lanterns

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Please see more of my wedding ideas in my ebooks, available at my Etsy shop. 

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  1. WOW! I love lanterns and the whimsical look they give to the decor. When it is dark, the effect is magnificent. You have found lanterns that I never knew existed. Thank you for the fabulous post.

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