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3D-Memoirs is my personal vision of creative expression and ideas for decor and DIY projects for events such as weddings, company parties, birthdays, baby showers, dinner parities, and bridal showers. I invite you to take a peek and share in my passion.

Let me briefly share my story with you:

I am 33 year-old wife, mother to a handsome little boy, and decor lover who has always had an artistic side and interest in arts & crafts. However, I pursued a business undergraduate degree and have slaved away in the world of business for 9 years with little reward and take-away. So, I have slowly been turning my passion for developing creative decor for events (coupled with my 10+years of event planning experience) into something more.

My passion was re-ignited over 6 years ago when I began planning and designing my own wedding, and since then event decor has grown into a healthy obsession.  I started my blog with the desire to share the beauty I find across the web, resources, DIY projects, my own creative and unique ideas for weddings and events, as well as working on growing my event planning and design business, DeCuir Details and Designs.

I am available for hire, so if you live in the Southern California area, or just have an event planning question, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, I look forward to connecting with you!


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