Wedding Finishing Touches & Unique Details



In my ebook, 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, I end with a section called, appropriately, finishing touches. Those unique little details you can add to your wedding ceremony and reception that will really leave your guests in awe! Below is just a small excerpt from my ebook:

 Set up a bench in front of a scenic area at your reception, like the wedding cake display, and have a friend or relative take guests photos (like a prom photo kind of idea). Include the photo in your thank you notes.

Use a camera cell phone to help far away friends and relatives experience your wedding in near real-time. Take a picture of the two of you leaving the church in your limo, post to your Facebook page or e-mail the photo and then call the recipient. You could use Skype as well.

 A yard of beaded trim is not expensive, usually about $2 and can be found in the notions section of any fabric or craft store. It’s an inexpensive way to dress up tablecloths, bridesmaids’ dresses, gloves, wraps, even place cards.

 To keep kids busy at an outdoor wedding, put them behind a lemonade stand to serve guests non-alcoholic drinks.

 It’s expensive (under $1,000), but as your guests exit the church, how cool would it be to hire a small plane to fly over head pulling a banner that reads, “Congratulations to John & Stephanie, Who Just Got Married!”

Have your musicians continue playing outside after the ceremony to keep the celebration going, until all guests have departed the church.

 Create life-size photo cutouts of the bride and groom and put them at the door of the reception hall. Makes for great photographs.

 For an outdoor wedding, set up intimate conversation areas by using small tent cabanas that can house 8 to 10 guests.

 Give each guest a roll of paper streamers, ribbons and balloons as they leave the church and encourage them to quickly decorate their cars.

 Be sure to have some snacks available (nothing that can spill or stain clothes) in the limousine for your wedding party, particularly when you go off to take your photos.

 Be sure to honor both sets of parents and serve them the first piece of wedding cake.

 Ask your guests to do something specific for the wedding. Maybe you want them all to wear white, or all the women to wear hats, or everyone to hold a candle during the service.

My ebook is available at my Etsy shop. I’ll be back next Monday with more ideas….until thenGail.

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New Ideas for Bridal Headpieces

Maybe you are not a traditional girl and you are looking for something a little more dramatic for your wedding attire. Luckily bridal veils and head pieces have come a long way. Here are some ones to consider based on your personality.

The Goddess

This brass three tiered head piece from House of Harlow is ideal for the bride who wants to unleash her inner goddess. Now, in order to pull this off you need a certain type of dress and a certain type of hair style. It would be tough to pull off with an updo, so it is best suited for long flowing hair. As for your dress, try a halter dress or a grecian style gown with bell sleeves.

The Exotic

How about a head piece that is exotic in nature? The Litter SF Pyara Headpiece draws its inspiration from Indian weddings with its webbed triangular centerpiece. Again, you should consult your hairstylist for the style that would work best, but you could add a tulle veil to the bottom chain to mix the exotic withe the traditional.

The Minimalist

How simple but elegant is this gold feather headband from Free People? This could easily be worn with a variety of hairstyles and gowns. Because of the gold color it may stand out a little more on darker hair. Great way to accent a high top ponytail or chignon.

The Vintage Bride

Definitely dramatic is this headband of floral Swarovski crystals from Erickson Beamon at ShopBop. With the Great Gatsby and the 1920s being a big wedding trend this year (we called it in August!), this headpiece makes the right statement for any bride looking for a little flapper girl inspiration. Great with a loose updo like this one as it really draws attention to the bride’s face.

The Boho

I love this Astral Headscarf in Ivory Tulle and Swarovski crystals from Johanna Johnson, giving the Bohemian bride a little elegance. Again, this headscarf would only work with a loose hairstyle or a low chignon, but it is a beautiful and unique bridal look.

WANT MORE UNIQUE WEDDING IDEAS? Then please see my ebook, 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, which also has a ton of ideas for your bridal attire, available at my Etsy shop.

I’ll be back next Monday with more ideas….until thenGail.

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Inexpensive DIY Wedding Decorations


For all you DIY brides out there, did you know there are two inexpensive products that can add so many beautiful details to your wedding? Here are some ideas on how to use decorative tape and decorative stamps for a unique wedding look.

Decorative Washi Tape from Pretty Tape on Etsy

Decorative Washi Tape from Pretty Tape on Etsy



I love decorative tape and there are so many different types on the market now from fabric tape to paper tape to washi tape. One $4 roll of tape could do your whole wedding!

Use it to Embellish:

  • Centerpiece Vases
  • Envelopes (money envelopes for gift table or wedding invites)
  • Seating Chart
  • Candles
  • Guest Book
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Banners
  • Paper Garlands
  • Mason Jar Drinking Glasses
  • Wedding Cake Base
  • Wedding Favor Boxes
  • Serving Trays
  • Wine Bottles

Make it Different:

  • Mix a combination of 2 or 3 tapes together
  • Use pinking sheers to give the tape a scalloped edge
  • Cut into squares or use a paper punch and make circles or other shapes
  • Punch small holes into the tape for a decorative polka dot design


Lace stamp from mieryaw on Etsy

Lace stamp from mieryaw on Etsy



How gorgeous is this lace stamp above, and again, we are only talking a few dollars. If you are having a vintage wedding, it’s a necessity, but it will add a romantic feel to any wedding.

Use it to Embellish:

  • Wedding Favor Tags
  • Place Cards
  • Table Number Cards
  • Banners
  • Table Cloths & Runners (use fabric paint to stamp)
  • Envelopes (money envelopes for gift table or wedding invites)
  • Signage
  • Cupcake Picks
  • Wedding Programs
  • Menus
  • Paper Napkins
  • Drink Coasters
  • Backdrop Fabric (again, use fabric paint)

Make it Different:

  • Use metallic ink
  • Add glitter when ink is still wet
  • Only use parts of the stamp (as shown in photo)
  • Experiment by dipping in tea to get a vintage feel
  • Stamp over top of one image in a different color, off slightly to create a 3D effect

It is amazing how these two inexpensive products offer you so many possibilities to add all those unique finishing touches to your wedding. How many more can you think of?

WANT MORE UNIQUE WEDDING IDEAS? Then please see my ebook, 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, which also has tons of inexpensive and DIY ideas, available at my Etsy shop.

I’ll be back next Monday with more ideas….until thenGail.

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Fresh Ideas for Your Wedding Dress


Every detail of the bride’s overall look is important on her wedding day. Here are some fresh ideas for small details you can add to your wedding gown that will make it a standout.

Wedding Gown Detail Ideas

  • To make a simple wedding gown more dramatic, take a very long and wide white satin or tulle scarf that compliments the dress, and have it cascade around the front of your neck and down the back of the gown
  • For a winter wedding, consider adding a fake white fur cuffs to the dress sleeves
  • Add a large rosette or draping of fabric on one side or at the back of the gown



Rosettes and a draping of fabric on side of dress 


  • For a early spring or late fall wedding, when the evening will be cooler, have a coordinating lace or brocade jacket designed to wear over the wedding gown
  • As opposed to copying a dress from a magazine completely, considering taking the sleeves from one, the bodice from another, and the skirt from another to see what it creates
  • Have the wedding dress be made of several detachable layers so there is a different dress for the ceremony, a different one for the reception, then a different one for dancing

Soft floral wedding gown


  • For a spring wedding, a dress made of a subtle floral print could work, especially if the colors are muted
  • Consider all shades of white for a wedding dress, maybe even mix two different shades for the skirt and bodice — pure white, cream, ivory, bisque, vanilla and so forth.
  • Add a collar of ostrich feathers to the neckline for some drama

Simple brown sash for a fall wedding


  • For a fall wedding, simply add an orange or brown sash to the dress to fit the scenery
  • Have a layer of blue tulle (something blue!) underneath your gown, lightly peaking out below.

Bridal style is all about original touches. Any of these ideas will help give the bride a unique wedding look.

WANT MORE UNIQUE WEDDING IDEAS? Then please see my ebook, 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, available at my Etsy shop.

I’ll be back next Monday with more ideas….until thenGail.

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Valentine’s Day Wedding Theme Ideas


Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to get married. Here are some fresh, new wedding ideas that will help add the Valentine’s theme to your day in a stylish way.


Wedding Decorations with a Valentine Theme

  • If you don’t want to decorate exclusively in red, make the color scheme pink and white with small pops of red. Something like red chargers under the plates, one red flower in the middle of a pink bouquet, or red headbands on the bridesmaids.
  • Since roses are very romantic, scatter red rose petals down the aisle (if the church approves), as well as on the head table, buffet table and gift table. Bags of simulated rose petals can be purchased at most craft stores. 
  • At the reception make the backdrop behind the head table a drape of red satin.
  • For place cards, use miniature white plaster cupids (also available at any craft store) and pierce the guest’s heart-shaped place card through Cupid’s arrow.


Romantic Wedding Dinner Menu

  • If serving dessert, be sure to have the chef line the side of each plate with a heart piped in chocolate or raspberry sauce.
  • Offer guests a romantic chocolate drink like Godiva’s White Chocolate Liqueur when they arrive or at the end of the evening.
  • Embellish the wedding cake with small cinnamon candy hearts.

Valentine Wedding Attire

  • For a wedding gown, the bride could wear a red wedding dress if she dares, but otherwise she could just add hints of red, like small red crystals in the veil or dress train.
  • Bridesmaids could wear dresses of varying shades of red or, alternatively, different fabrics such as red velvet, red satin, red taffeta, and so forth.


Other Valentine Wedding Ideas & Details

  • It will cost quite a bit more but use raised red velvet lettering on invitations, or have the inside of the envelope lined in red
  • Consider one of the original Valentine designs from the 1700s call the True Love Knot – a hand drawn maze of knotted loops with no beginning or end, for invite design
  • Plan to arrive at the church in a vibrant red car, such as the Saab 9-3 Convertible in Laser Red, the Jaguar XJ in Radiance Red or the BMW 7 Sedan in Merlot Red
  • Simple and inexpensive gestures include leaving a large opened heart-shaped box of chocolates on the gift table and beside the guest book. They’ll sign the book for sure.
  • When you want your guests to get the bride and groom to kiss, they must tell their own love story or the most romantic gesture they have ever received.
  • Instead of throwing the bouquet to the single women, randomly give each non-married female guest a single rose as a Valentine’s gesture. Put a fake diamond ring inside of one and whoever gets that one, is the next to get married.

WANT MORE UNIQUE WEDDING IDEAS? Get my ebook, 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, available at my Etsy shop.

I’ll be back next Monday with more ideas….until thenGail.

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Wedding Finds – January’s Deals & Steals


Newly engaged? Well if you are looking for some great deals on wedding products, including dresses, décor and invitations, below are some of this month’s best steals and deals. All photos are linked to their products so just click.

Table Numbers

At BHLDN, these rustic table number bags have been marked down from $10 each to just $4 each.


Bridesmaid Dresses

How gorgeous would your wedding party look in this cute, short blush dress? (also available in black) Just $89 at Piperlime.


Table Confetti

This heart shaped confetti with “LOVE” on one side and love verses on the other side is $6 for 240 pieces. Scatter it on guest tables, down the aisle, inside wedding invites, at Lilac Coast Weddings on



How great would this LOVE sign be behind the head table, hanging over the gift table  or on the back of the bride & groom chairs at the reception? (20” wide)  On sale for $25 at Pippins Gifts & Home Accessories on


Bridal Shoes

This Badgley Mischka shoe is a best seller, now on for $129 at Piperlime, regular $245. The feather makes it a sexy bridal shoe!





This ornate new wedding invitation fron Wedding Paper Divas reminds me a bit of Will and Kate, but the good news it is on sale until January 8th at  15% (regular price for 100 cards is $179). Enter code winterwed.



Bridesmaid Gifts

All your attendants would love this classic smokey grey clutch purse as a gift, regular $110 on for just $41 at Amazon.




Table Décor

Having a rustic wedding? These birch bark vases are just $6 each (when you buy 3) at Save on Crafts . Perfect for centerpieces!


Wedding Gown

Who says you can’t get a wedding dress for under $500. This beautiful sleeveless taffeta beaded dress from Shop Ruche is just $499.


Wedding Veil

Of course you need a veil to go with the dress. Also from Shop Ruche this tulle bridal veil is just $56.99.


Garlands & Backdrops

So many uses for these sola fabric flowers. You could string them together to make garlands, add to pew bows, make into bouquets, accents for wrapping wedding favors – it’s endless. 12 for $7.50 (regular $11) at Save on Crafts.


There are over 200 amazing wedding finds in my ebook, 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, available at my Etsy shop. I’ll be back next Monday with more ideas… til then, Gail.

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Wedding Cake Toppers – DIY Ideas


It use to be that the top of your wedding cake had a bell or a small figure of a bride and groom. But today’s brides have gotten way more creative and cake toppers are more unique than ever. Here are some ideas you should consider for a new popular trend, wedding cake topper banners.

Wedding Cake Topper from BHLDN

Wedding Cake Topper from BHLDN

DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

This very popular wedding cake topper trend is actually one that most brides could DIY. They are flags, buntings, pennants or banners with special sayings. I thought I would give some ideas of how you can take this trend and make it more personal and unique to your own wedding.

Wedding Cake Topper Banner Words

You will see a lot of these wedding cake banners saying, “Just Married” or, as in the photo here, “Happily Ever After”. Here are some more ideas to consider:

  • “We Tied the Knot, Now Let’s Eat Cake!”
  • “Our Eternal Love”
  • “Blessed to Share This Day with All of You”
  • “Our New Life Together”
  • “Forever and Always”
  • “From This Moment On”

You could also use a mix of typefaces or various colors for the words. You could even substitute the O’s in words with ♥’s or add fancy scrolls as they did here.

Wedding Cake Topper Banner Material

You will see cake toppers made out of burlap and glitter paper, or just plain paper. Here are some other ideas:

  • Lace paper
  • Gold foil
  • Vellum
  • Vintage floral fabric

Wedding Cake Topper Banner Sticks

You could do something really interesting with the sticks that hold the flag banners. Maybe wrap them in colorful baker’s twine or dip the sticks in egg whites and then dip in edible cake glitter (it does exist!). You could also do something fun like use candy canes to hold up the banner if you are having a Christmas wedding.

More Embellishments

You can add more interest to the cake banners by adding tassels, press on flowers, leaves or jewels, or use scrapbook decorative punchers to make unique designs. You could also interweave satin ribbons or lace.

You’ll find more wonderful and original ideas in my Ebook, 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, available here.  I’ll be back January 7th with more ideas….until thenGail

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Country Wedding Ideas – Denim Inspiration


Our friend, Sara, over at Burnett’s Boards (some of the best wedding inspiration boards out there!) recently did a board on Denim Weddings. Now, that may seem like an unusual choice, but with the surge in popularity of country, barn and rustic weddings, denim could play out nicely. So, here are some ideas you may want to incorporate if you decide to go with this more casual, down home wedding theme.

Denim Wedding Inspiration Board from Burnett’s Boards



Some Unique Denim Wedding Ideas:

  • The groomsmen can wear denim ties or bow ties only, if you feel that jeans and/or denim shirts is too casual. However, they could change into these just for the reception.
  • For your bridesmaids denim skirts would be fun and you could add a layer of tulle or lace underneath to dress them up. You could contrast the denim skirt with a really dressy white blouse for a unique look.
  • I love the ombre look of white fading into a color, like in the dress shown above. This has been a popular wedding trend to have your gown take on an ombre effect. For a denim wedding you could have the white fade into a slate or powder blue.
  • Making wedding favors bags out of old jean pockets could be a cute idea for a country wedding.
  • We all know how popular mason jars are at weddings right now. How about using a denim wrap around the jar instead of the more commonly seen burlap. Maybe have the table number embroidered onto the denim as well.
  • A denim patchwork quilt would make a great backdrop for a guest photo booth.
  • Use denim and white colored baker’s twine to tie place cards to napkins
  • A bunting made out of denim triangles, spelling out the gift table or head table
  • Make guests stand in a pair of very oversized jeans as a fun photo opportunity
  • Denim goes really well with paisley bandanas, so use colorful bandanas as cloth napkins (they can be found at a dollar store) and DIY a denim napkin ring

You’ll find more original ideas in my Ebook, 101 Rustic Wedding Ideas, available here.  I’ll be back next Monday with more ideas….until then, Gail

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Wedding Checklist – Quick Planning Tips


Do you know exactly how many details go into planning a wedding? You can see why brides get stressed because, for the most part, the planning process is on on their shoulders. Every little detail from getting a marriage license to finding a venue to who to invite, not to mention all the details that go into planning the reception.

Complete Wedding Checklist from OliverINK on Etsy

Today’s Wedding Checklists

I think of the details that were part of weddings 30 years ago and how their checklist would be so different from a bride’s of today. Did their checklist include:

  • Decorative Wedding Cupcake Wrappers
  • Signs for Bride and Groom Chairs
  • Washroom Decorations
  • Cocktail Bar Decorations
  • Special Remembrance for Lost Loved Ones
  • Midnight Snacks for Guests
  • Umbrellas and Other Plans for Rain
  • Different Dress for Bride for Reception
  • Kids Table and Entertainment

As brides get more and more detail-oriented, will the lists get longer and longer? Plus, now that types of weddings such as rustic and vintage are becoming so popular, any wedding items that relate to these themes now have to be added to the list.


Tips to Using a Wedding Checklist

Anyway, here are some tips to using a Wedding Checklist that will make sure you have everything covered:

  1. Print out copies of the checklist and give to your groom, maid of honor, bridesmaids and mother-in-law and highlight tasks you want them to do, and WHEN you want them done by.
  2. Every time you have completed a task, don’t just check it off, cross it out. That way you can clearly see how many items are left to do.
  3. As mentioned, if you are having a themed wedding you probably have to source out special items like hay bales and wagon wheels or vintage books, so add a list of all the items you need to buy/source in the notes section.
  4. Ask each of your vendors (i.e. cake maker, photographer, etc.) if they have their own checklist. If not, ask them to review yours and add any tasks that may not be there.
  5. Those last minutes details, the ones you have to do the days before the wedding, are usually the most stressful. Break these out into a separate checklist and give a copy to the groom and maid of honor as a second and third check point.
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Of course, my popular Complete Wedding Checklist is a 14-page printable PDF of everything you need to do before the big day. And you can print as many copies as you like. A steal at just $5 at my Etsy shop…until next time, Gail. 
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Fresh Ideas for Candy Buffets


Candy buffets at weddings have been extremely popular the last few years. So, I thought I would see if I could come up with some fresh ideas so your wedding can have a unique twist on this favorite trend.

 Offer Home-made Candy

If you bake, or know someone who does, offering a home-made candy bar may not only be more cost-effective, but also more personal. Candy such as truffles, fudge, toffee and bark are actually quite easy to make and will present so nicely, especially if you offer them in various assortments.

Truffles, fudge, toffee and bark all come in variety of flavors for your guests to choose from such as chocolate, white chocolate, maple, peanut butter, caramel, vanilla, butterscotch to name a few. Plus, then you can add pistachios, almonds, dried cranberries, dried cherries, walnuts – the possibilities are endless.

If your wedding is in the fall make a pumpkin fudge, for a Christmas wedding add candy cane pieces, or add bits of your favorite candy bar. Just give everyone one of those fancy Chinese food containers, that you can get at any party supply store, monogram them with your initials (just use a decorative letter stamp), and your guests can fill themselves.

Offer Candy From Different Places

If you are having a lot of out -of-town guests, why not offer candy from where they may be from. For example, Salt Water Taffy from Cape Cod, Chocolate Covered Expresso Beans from Seattle, “Texas Chewie” Pecan Pralines, Milka chocolate from Germany, Daim bars from Norway, or Turrón from Spain to name a few.

Candy Buffet Display Ideas

A lot of candy buffets use glass canisters or apothecary jars for display purposes. You could try something different and use oversized wine glasses, glass pitchers, silver urns, unusual cookie jars, vintage soup tureens, mismatched china sugar bowls, or trinket dishes.

If you are going to do the homemade candy ideas above, unique display ideas include serving on glass trays, metal chargers, ceramic pie plates, marble cheese plates, wooden bread servers, chalkboard slabs (and write the names of the candy) or the currently popular stoneware farmers baskets.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I hope these candy buffet ideas have inspired you to add your own uniqueness to this fun trend. You’ll find more original wedding ideas in my Ebook, 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas available here. I’ll be back next Monday with another idea for a new twist on a current popular wedding trend….until then, Gail. 

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