5 Inspiring Ways to Walk Down the Aisle


Walking down the aisle is the bride’s big moment, and there are so many fresh ways to make it a jaw dropper. Here are 5 ideas to consider that will have your guests oohing and aweing!

IDEA #1: When ready to walk down the aisle, have your greeters open the church doors and then have each bridesmaid enter the church and step to the side, equal number on each side. Then the bride enters the church and her bridesmaids follow behind her up the aisle, in pairs.

IDEA #2: Have a group of four flower girls. Position two in front of the bride — one directly to your left and one directly to your right, and two behind you on your left and right, all within a two foot distance. Then, walk down the aisle as a group.

IDEA #3: Have a strolling violinist walk a few feet in front, playing and leading the bride down the aisle. When the violinist reaches the front of the church he can just move off to the side.

IDEA #4. Have the bride walk alone from the entrance of the church to the start of the aisle so she gets a solo moment. At the start of the aisle her father is waiting for her, hands her bouquet, offers his arm and walks her down the aisle (you could do the same with the groomsmen and bridesmaids).

IDEA #5. The bride and groom walking back up the aisle is also one of the best parts of a wedding. Prolong it by stopping every three feet or so for a dramatic kiss, allowing guests to get more than just a glimpse of you as well as a take a photo. Or the first time you stop the groom kisses the bride on the hand, the next time he kisses her on the cheek, the final time dips her for a kiss.

I hope you enjoyed today’s ideas. Get more great ideas in my e-book, 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, available at my Etsy shop at www.oliverink.etsy.com…Gail.


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