Wedding Favor DIY Instructions

Materials (feel free to improvise with similar items):

  • Paper Machete Box (you can purchase at Michael’s)
  • Favorite Scrapbooking Paper
  • Gold Glitter Adhesive Rounds (Michael’s)
  • Gold Wrapping Ribbon
  • Colorful Flower Pom or similar option (Michael’s)
  • Scissors & Glue stick


1. Place the paper box in the corner of your scrapbooking paper and fold on all sides, leaving at least 1/2 in of paper above the box on all sides. Then cut the scrapbooking paper as measured. Using the glue stick, apply glue to one side. Cut small slits in each corner of the paper and fold the 1/2 in paper over, pressing it against the inside of the box.

2. Continue to glue all sides in a similar fashion. For each side, take the remaining paper, apply glue, and fold it to the side, folding the remaining paper on top, inside the box.


3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the top of the box until you have a completely covered top and bottom as shown below.


4. Fill the box with candy or a small memento for your guests. Then tie the box closed with gold ribbon, tape the center to the box or use glue dots. Place 2 gold dots to opposite corners of the box, and place a flower or pom pom (with an adhesive) on top of the box.



What do you think about this DIY project? Is it something that you would do for a wedding favor?


This DIY project is from a DIY Summer Wedding post, please stop by and view my other 2 DIY projects, the sherbet inspiration board, and DIY printable invitation suite (plus FREE Thank You card)!


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