Etsy Thursday: Mint, Peach & Coral Wedding

Mint, Peach & Coral Wedding Inspiration

Spring offers some amazing color palettes for a wedding. This week’s Etsy wedding finds are for a lovely mint, peach and coral color palette. You will see below that there are many ways to incorporate these 3 colors together. Mint and peach or mint and coral look AMAZING together – I just love it! You will find that peach and coral are in the same color family and mint and aqua blue can look very similar too. You could technically have a mint, aqua blue, coral, and peach color palette which would be very complimentary or do a combination of any 2 of the colors for a beautiful color palette. Not only do these colors look amazing together but you can also combine them with yellow, ivory, white, tan, navy blue, gray, and add gold accents.


Mint & Coral Wedding Invitation

Mint & Coral Wedding Invitation


mint and coral Fabric Rag Tie Garland

Mint, Peach, and Coral Fabric Rag Tie Garland


Coral Wedding Place Cards

Coral Wedding Place Cards



Mint & Coral Vases

Mint & Coral Shabby Chic Vases


Mint & Coral Saffron Bowl

Mint & Coral Saffron Bowl


Mint & Coral Love Birds Cake Topper

Mint &Peach Love Birds Cake Topper


Mint Bridesmaid's Dress

Mint Bridesmaid’s Dress


Mint & Coral Beaded Friendship Bracelet

Mint & Coral Beaded Friendship Bracelet – Perfect for a Bridesmaid’s Gift!


Mint & Coral Earrings

Mint & Peach Earrings


Mint & Coral Feather Boutonniere

Mint & Peach Feather Boutonniere


I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU:  Did you love this color palette? What other colors would you combine with this palette?

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