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Our friend, Sara, over at Burnett’s Boards (some of the best wedding inspiration boards out there!) recently did a board on Denim Weddings. Now, that may seem like an unusual choice, but with the surge in popularity of country, barn and rustic weddings, denim could play out nicely. So, here are some ideas you may want to incorporate if you decide to go with this more casual, down home wedding theme.

Denim Wedding Inspiration Board from Burnett’s Boards



Some Unique Denim Wedding Ideas:

  • The groomsmen can wear denim ties or bow ties only, if you feel that jeans and/or denim shirts is too casual. However, they could change into these just for the reception.
  • For your bridesmaids denim skirts would be fun and you could add a layer of tulle or lace underneath to dress them up. You could contrast the denim skirt with a really dressy white blouse for a unique look.
  • I love the ombre look of white fading into a color, like in the dress shown above. This has been a popular wedding trend to have your gown take on an ombre effect. For a denim wedding you could have the white fade into a slate or powder blue.
  • Making wedding favors bags out of old jean pockets could be a cute idea for a country wedding.
  • We all know how popular mason jars are at weddings right now. How about using a denim wrap around the jar instead of the more commonly seen burlap. Maybe have the table number embroidered onto the denim as well.
  • A denim patchwork quilt would make a great backdrop for a guest photo booth.
  • Use denim and white colored baker’s twine to tie place cards to napkins
  • A bunting made out of denim triangles, spelling out the gift table or head table
  • Make guests stand in a pair of very oversized jeans as a fun photo opportunity
  • Denim goes really well with paisley bandanas, so use colorful bandanas as cloth napkins (they can be found at a dollar store) and DIY a denim napkin ring

You’ll find more original ideas in my Ebook, 101 Rustic Wedding Ideas, available here.  I’ll be back next Monday with more ideas….until then, Gail

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Wedding Card Box Ideas



I’m sure you have seen the very popular idea for wedding cards, mostly for a rustic wedding, of the open vintage suitcase with a pennant strung across saying “CARDS”. If not, here is a sample below. Very cute idea, but it has gotten so popular that I think it needs to have a new twist to make it unique for your wedding.

Vintage suitcase as wedding card box


New Ideas for the Vintage Suitcase Wedding Card Box

Now, if you absolutely want to have the suitcase, then maybe spruce it up a bit. Add a lining of lace or burlap to both the top and bottom to keep with that vintage feel. Also, instead of the letters or pennant saying “CARDS”, why not do an oversized luggage tag that says “CARDS” hanging from the handle. Finally, stick on some vintage travel stickers on the suitcase of your honeymoon destination, just to give it a little more interest.


Other Options for a Wedding Card Box

Personally, I really love antique wire planters as card boxes. They have a nice vintage look with the chicken wire, and they would be great for a garden wedding as well. Plus, you can actually reuse them in your home after so you are not spending money for nothing. If you don’t like the color, they are metal so you can spray paint them, or thread ribbon or lace through the wire.

Wire Cage Planters from One Kings Lane


Alternative Names for Wedding Card Box

You could even just make a change to the name, so instead of calling it “CARDS”, you could also say “ENVELOPES” or “YOUR BEST WISHES” or “WITH OUR THANKS”. If you want to use letters, as in the first photo above, make them a little more personal by cutting the letters out of digital printouts of some of your engagement photos, that way your faces are showing up on the signage. Use a sepia tone photo to give that aged-feel. Or use some other graphic on the letters, maybe vintage newspapers or magazines, or artwork as in the example below.


Make the letters a little more interesting like these ones from Anthropologie


Don’t Forget The Envelopes!

Remember, some people just show up with a check or cash, so they need an envelope to put it in. So you will need to leave out some envelopes, but make them look nice. Either have them tea stained for a vintage feel, or stamp a fancy emblem on them or make them out of aged newsprint. Stack them in a neat pile, tie with some rustic twine or grosgrain ribbon and add a tag that says, “Please take an envelope if you need one”.

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You’ll find more great rustic wedding ideas in my ebook, 101 Rustic Wedding Ideas ($5) available here. I’ll be back next Monday with another idea for a new twist on a current popular wedding trend.

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Rustic weddings have never been hotter due to brides loving a natural, home spun feel to their wedding. Here are some fresh ideas brides will love, to help that theme, as well as a barn or country theme wedding, along.
#1 Chicken Wire Rustic Wedding Decor
Chicken wire is inexpensive and can be used to wrap around vases for centerpieces or framed to hold escort cards. Check out this Pinterest board for more inspiration:
#2 Bride’s Entrance
Hire Clydesdale horses pulling a wagon lined in lush horse blankets to bring the bride to the wedding venue.
Credit: Island Carriage Farm
#3 Candy Sticks Buffet
Make your candy buffet colorful candy sticks in glass jars, like the kind found in an old fashioned general store.
Credit: Consolidated Foods Inc.
#4 Bushel Barrel Aisle Markers
Plain wooden bushel barrels are extremely inexpensive. Spray paint them a sienna color and fill with potted Mums (in this case they added red and green cabbages) and put at the start of the aisle.
Credit: Locus Avenue Farm
#5 Rustic Wedding Party Introductions
A great way to introduce your wedding party is to have them enter the reception venue and lead into a choreographed square dance or line dance.
#6 Engagement Photos with a Rustic Feel
Have your engagement photo be a take off of the famous painting American Gothic, as seen below.
#7 Amber Twinkle Lights for Rustic Wedding Decor
Instead of white twinkle lights, use amber brown ones around pillars, tree trunks or strung between barn rafters. They are the same color as beer bottles.
Hope you enjoyed today’s post. Get more great ideas for your rustic, barn, country or vintage wedding with my e-book, 101 Rustic Wedding Ideas ($5) available at my Etsy shop… Gail.

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