Holidays for Heroes

Holidays For Heroes – Sending Christmas to our US Troops!

You may not know, but Christmas is my favorite holiday and time of the year! As a Christian, I love what it represents religiously and I truly enjoy the time spent with family, gift-giving, amazing food and desserts, festive decorations, the smell of a real Christmas tree and staring at the beautiful twinkling lights, cold weather and warm clothes, and good ‘ole Christmas songs. I feel confident in saying that there are many others like me that just absolutely love the Christmas holiday.

Recently I watched a TV show where they were interviewing military wives and one of the wives shared that her husband was brought to tears once by a stranger that approached him in the airport, shook his hand, and warmly thanked him for his service. The wives agreed that this sort of gesture doesn’t happen often but is very much appreciated by our soldiers. During the interview the host shared that he realized the previous year that a lot of active military personnel are away from their loved ones during Christmas or sadly do not have any close family or friends that they can expect to hear from during Christmas. The truly saddened me as I never before considered that during one of the most joyous times of the year, that there were US soldiers deployed, going without, separated from their families, and perhaps lonely. These individuals are selflessly defending my liberties & freedoms, a true sacrifice, while I celebrate Christmas and all that I love with my friends and family.

Truly touched by these realizations, I decided that this year I wanted to get involved and send care packages to our troops, reminding them that we appreciate their sacrifice and dedication, and are truly thankful for their service to our country. But I knew I couldn’t do this alone, so I reached out to a blogger friend to collaborate with on this project and I could not have found a better partner than Sara from Burnetts Boards! Being the amazing person that she is, she immediately jumped on board and loved the idea of sending holiday cheer to our military heroes.



How Can You Get Involved and Help?

The organization we’ve chosen to support is Operation Care Packages ( There are a few ways that you can participate sending Christmas to the troops AND we’ve got an amazing giveaway for one of our awesome participants!

1. Make one or more care package(s) for the troops (click here for a sample holiday care package wish listSuggestion: Grab a friend or two, and/or involve your kids and put together care packages as a family. It’ll be a lot of fun and plus you will feel good doing it. (Don’t worry, you can definitely help without it being a financial burden, majority of the items can be found at the 99 cent store or the Dolllar Tree.) Send the package to: Operation Care Package, 611 Wilcox St., Joliet, IL 60435

2. Make a donation to help cover shipping costs or obtain supplies they are in need of OR sponsor a Christmas pack – you donate $25 and they will supply the care package. You may send a check or money order to: Operation Care Package, 611 Wilcox St., Joliet, IL 60435 or send a Paypal donation to

3. Donate First Class stamps to help send cards or letters to our troops. You may send stamps to: Operation Care Package, 611 Wilcox St., Joliet, IL 60435

4. Get kids involved – Have your children, classroom, church group, family, social group, etc. color pictures, make a card, or write a letter to our troops: OCP KIDS You may send these items to: OCP KIDS Operation Care Package, 611 Wilcox St., Joliet, IL 60435

5. Behold Designz has been awesome enough to create a FREE downloadable Christmas card specifically for Holidays for Heroes. You can simply print this card, write a kind word, and send it to our troops. (Click here to download and print the card.)

card for the troops

Photography credit: Kleinworth & Co


As you can see there are so many wonderful ways to participate. Feel free to do one of the items listed above or several – whatever your heart feels compelled to do will greatly be appreciated, plus the joy and smile that you are bringing to one or more military personnel is PRICELESS. See if you can rally your friends, family, co-workers, church, or social group to participate with you! Please share this on your favorite social media platforms (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google +, etc) and if you have a blog, invite your readers to participate. I would love for our troops to receive an overwhelming response of love, joy, and appreciation this Christmas and YOU can definitely help make a difference! I’ve chosen to stuff Christmas stockings with goodies for our soldiers, so make sure you are following 3DMemoirs on Instagram so you can see what I put together for our troops!

*GIVEAWAY* One last exciting detail, LOVE VS. DESIGN, has been kind enough to put together a wonderful package of $100 worth of holiday cards from their new customizable collection for one special participant!!


holiday giveaway


Here are the details for the giveaway:

  • Follow both 3DMemoirs & Burnetts Boards on Instagram
  • Instagram a picture of you with a military friend or family OR a picture of a military friend or family member by themselves or with other troops OR a picture of your participating gift (care package, card, letter, stamps, etc) AND use the hastag #holidaysforheroes
  • The participation contest will run from November 20, 2013 until 11:59pm PST on Dec 1, 2013.
  • Sara & I will select 1 winner from the instagram participants and announce the winner on our Facebook pages on Dec 2, 2013 at 2pm PST. So, please stop by and to find out if you are the lucky winner!

Thank you in advance for participating and helping put a smile on our soldiers face while they are away from their families during the holiday season! In addition to Operation Care Packages, there are several other organizations that you can choose to donate to, here are a few that I found:,, http://www.carepackageproject.com, and


support our troops

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