Cute DIY napkin ring for your event!


Looking for a cute DIY napkin ring for your event?

Cute idea I stumbled upon courtesy of Once Wed

Fabric ( a 2” x 2” scrap for each button)
Cover Buttons ( 1 ½” in diameter,  one per napkin ring)
Ribbon ( 6” length per ring, 1” wide)



Fabric:  “Leaf Honeycomb” by Joelle Hoverson  and Moda “Green Butterfly
Lace” available at
All other supplies available and fabric and craft stores.


1.   Begin by ironing your fabric so it’s free of wrinkles.  Follow the
instructions on the cover button package to create your buttons.  There
are several styles of cover buttons.    With all, you’ll be cutting a
circle of your fabric with their template,  stretching the fabric over the
top of the button, then snapping the back on the button.    ( see figure 1
and 2)

2.   Cut a length of ribbon 6 inches long.  Run the ribbon through the
metal loop on the     back, so the finished button is centered on the
ribbon with the right side of the ribbon facing up.  (see figure 3)

3.  Pull the ends of the ribbon up so the right sides meet.  The button
will be inside,  facing up towards the ribbon ends.  (see figure 4)

4.  Approximately 1/4 of an inch from the ribbon edges, do a straight
stitch to close the “ring”.   Tie off your thread with a sturdy knot.
Trim away loose threads.    (see figure 5)

5.  Turn the ring you just created right side out, so the button is on
top.   Pull the ribbon through the metal loop of the button until the seam
you just stitched  is directly beneath, and hidden by the button. (see
figure 6)

6.  Make one napkin ring per guest.   Mix and match your fabrics to liven
up the tables.   ( see figure 7)

7.  Fold the napkin in half, roll it, and slide through the ring and place.

Budget: ( to create one napkin ring)
Fabric – $. 03  (you can get almost  400 buttons out of a single yard of
44” fabric)
Cover button – $.75 each
Ribbon  $.20
Total Spent $.98 each


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Source: Intimate Weddings Blog; Original site and link for step by step instructions:

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