Wedding Venues….

You will find that I will often share my wedding resources (gems) throughout my blogs. I did so much research during my 1.5 year engagement, that I have a little “white book” filled with gems that I would love to share a piece at a time. Today I’m going to share some beautiful wedding venues in the southern CA area that I considered for my wedding. These venues cover a range of budgets, so I encourage you to check them out!

These are just a few gems from my venue list….stay tuned for more venues in southern CA. Also, here are two amazing venue resources that are not limited to sourthern CA venues:

I hope you found this to be helpful, my photos above do not do the venues justice, so please check out their websites. Feel free to share with any friends or family that may benefit from the information—sharing is caring! (I know, cheesy, but I couldn’t resist.) If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Yours truly~ Elvira

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