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Weddings & the Four Seasons of LOVE

Have you missed me? Enjoying summer? Summer is my favorite season of the year and although I’ve missed you guys, I have been having a blast and can’t believe we are half-way through summer! What is your favorite season of the year – Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

Today, I am so excited to share with you some awesome custom designed wedding invitations & save-the-dates for every season from a lovely Etsy duo named Behold Designz! Behold Designz is very unique in that they tailor their work and designs based upon the bride’s wedding color palette and floral arrangement – how awesome is that! With feedback from the bride, they truly do a wonderful job capturing the unique elements, color palette, and style of each of their brides – all for an budget-friendly price and within a reasonable timeframe (only 6 weeks)!

If you are a visual person like me, you are probably dying to see what these creative and beautifully colorful invitations look like so I won’t make you wait any longer. :) Here is an adorable collection for the four seasons that Behold Designz created just for me to share with my readers – you are going to love this!


Fall Wedding Save-the-Date

I have to say that this one is my favorite, I just LOVE the fall colors and the antlers! Being a nature girl that loves the natural elements, I am loving the earthy, rustic/whimsical feel with these save-the-dates and matching wedding invitation.

Floral Antler Save the date

Floral Antler Save-the-date


Winter Wedding Invitation

This cool red velvet and gray invitation suite is perfect for a lovely winter wedding. Surprise your guests with this custom winter wedding invitation suite that will definitely warm their heart.

Floral Winter Wedding Invitation

Floral Winter Wedding Invitation


Spring and Summer Save-the-Date

The bright, cheery, and colorful “Beloved” save-the-date would be perfect for either a Spring or Summer wedding.  I am loving the pops of color and simplistic message of love – definitely romantic!

Floral Spring and Summer Save-the-Date

Floral Spring and Summer Save-the-Date


I don’t know about you but I am loving these wedding invitations and save-the-dates that beautifully represents the four seasons of love! From the invitations above do you see how Behold Designz was able to utilize one design and tranform each invitation into something unique and creative by simply using different color palettes? The color combinations uniquely changes the entire look of the design, which allows a bride to essentially have their own one-of-a-kind wedding invitation! Again, this is one of the awesome things about working with Behold Designz – you get to be an integral part of the process, customizing your wedding invitation suite to match your color palette and floral selections, and having a finished product that you’ll LOVE sharing with your friends and family!

If you loved this eye-candy, please make sure you stop by Behold Designz Etsy shop and check out some of their other lovely floral wedding invitation designs or contact them for a beautiful custom wedding invitation design!



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Custom Save The Date Magnet Shapes!


Save the dates are the bride and groom’s special way of sharing the exciting news of their engagement and providing the basic 411 for their intended guests and provides them ample time to mark their calendar and book travel arrangements at reasonable rates and costs, if need be.

I personally think that save the dates set the tone of your wedding and is a simplistic statement of what is to come. It  has become widely popular for bride and groom’s to select save-the-dates that reflect their style, make a statement, or compliments their wedding theme.

There are a lot of save the date options but they are typically in paper form, however recently, magnet save-the-dates have exploded with popularity. Why? It has a utility function and is most likely to be utilized and kept by your guests as a wonderful keepsake symbolic of your wedding!

When it comes to wedding save the date magnets, I have a real treat for you! Let me introduce you to an awesome company that specializes in unique and creative save the date magnets in various shapes – you can save the date in style with I DO Magnets! This company is establishing themselves as a go-to company for uniquely shaped, quality wedding save the date magnets, which includes beautiful photo save the date magnets! Not only do they offer amazing products, but they are affordable and offer nice packaging with their products. {I am super excited about this company because when I purchased save the date magnets for my wedding in 2008, there were no options like this available in the market.} Just so you can see the range of products offered by this company, here are a few of my favorites picked from their website:

Which one is your favorite?

Here are a few awesome amenities I Do Magnets offers that just makes them irresistible to order from:

  • They offer a variety of unique shapes and designs that you typically will not find anywhere else (24+ distinct magnet shapes – with 8 new designs that launched this year!)
  • They offer you the option of creating your own unique save the date by uploading your own design or they will do a custom design for you – wait for it – AT NO CHARGE!
  • They offer “His & Her” sets, where you and your groom can each pick out your favorite save-the-date that reflects your unique style and personality. As well as the “Family & Friends” set, where you can select a variety of different shapes for your save the dates!
  • They offer FREE samples mailed to you with FREE SHIPPING!
  • Along with your lovely magnets, you will also receive magnet holders, decorative tissue paper & ribbon, and an envelope for each magnet at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

These are just a few of the amazing benefits of ordering from I Do Magnets. Don’t just take my word for it – you can actually read customer reviews and feedback right on their site, at the bottom of each page under the magnet samples. Here is some feedback that I copied right from their site:

  • Morgan Coffey • 2 months ago – I absolutely loved the save the dates I got from you, two heart shape. They look even better than they did online, and the packaging is remarkable! It was all such a great price too. I couldn’t be more satisfied!
  • Lindsay R. • 2 days ago – Hey I just my save the dates I love them thanks! Everyone is tickled by the baseball, football, sports team game ticket stub concept!
  • Beth B. • 4 days ago – Your magnets are flawless! GREAT! GREAT! JOB!!!! All are there and perfect! – Beth


Leave a lasting impression about your wedding “I Do’s” with your friends and family by sending them a unique and custom shape save the date magnet from I DO Magnets! Not only will you wow your guests, but it’ll give them something to look at and talk about long after you’ve walked down the aisle – it may even remind them to send you an anniversary gift :)



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Creative save-the-date!

lacedinweddings: Love this idea for a save-the-date or for your bridesmaids. Love it? Buy it on Etsy.

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Love this—so creative using fingerprints!

Love this—so creative using fingerprints!

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Very creative idea for a save the date or wedding invitation!

Very creative! Love this idea for a save the date or wedding invitation!

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The beauty is in the details…

One of the biggest and sometimes hardest choice when it comes to wedding planning is the stationary suite—invitations, save-the-date, RSVP/response cards, favor tags, place card names, table names, bridal shower, etc. These paper decor items really set the tone for your event and typically embodies the theme, idea, feelings/emotions that the couple wants to convey to their guests. Generally, these items are designed to match and compliment each other and the wedding’s decor.

The fashion-forward paper product that is gaining popularity with a $$$ pricetag is the beautiful letterpress. I LOVE the look of letterpress products—its timeless, elegant, artistic, vintage, and makes a beautiful statement regardless of its words. Here are some beautiful letterpress products for weddings that come from a very talented graphic designer that I have the pleasure of knowing personally. She does an amazing job creatively and delicately tailoring her products to her customers and I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. I also invite you to read the insert below of my interview of this creative designer~Marsinah Burgos~who shares some tips for brides and gives some insight about letterpress! (Check out her website below for more samples of her work! Also, for you fashionistas, you may find an attractive interest in her blog as well.)

Interview with the mind behind the design, Blushing Pearl’s Owner & Designer~Marsinah Burgos

1. Tell us about your business, what is Blushing Pearl and the inspiration behind it?

Blushing Pearl is a design and letterpress printing studio that specializes in fully customized design and paper ephemera. The studio is owned and creatively designed/letterpress printed by Marsinah (yours truly!). We have an online Etsy shop and we are in the process of opening up an online wholesale website, as well as expanding our pre-designed Wedding Stationery line fondly called “Bliss”. Here are some links to Blushing Pearl:

{Bliss-wedding guidebook}

2. Besides wedding invitations, what other custom design work do you do?

Aside from Wedding invitation suites, Blushing Pearl also specializes in design work for business cards, baby showers and announcements, graduations, and ready-made paperie (found in our Etsy shop). We also specialize in branding and logo development, which will help you create the look of your business through logo design, color palettes, stationery options, website layouts, and unique collateral material to fully brand your business.

3.       What is your inspiration for projects that you develop that are not custom ordered (ie. Etsy portfolio)?

Inspiration comes from everything and everywhere. The luxury about owning your own business is that you can determine what you want to design and produce. Having worked in the Fashion Industry, I would have to say Fashion and textile patterns have a great impact on my creativity. I also like traveling and photographing street art as well.

4.  Your letterpress work is beautiful! Can you explain to us what letterpress is, why it’s typically more expensive, and the value of using letterpress over traditional design processes? Do you only do letterpress custom design work?

The art of Letterpress printing is a vintage process that requires a methodic technique and physical labor. Each individual piece of 100% cotton fiber paper is hand-fed by me, one color at a time, into my vintage Chandler & Price 8×12 letterpress. A delicate impression is made on the paper that is unique to the art of letterpress. Some of my clients appreciate the exquisite art of letterpress printing, which creates a tactile and sophisticated look of the design onto cotton fiber paper. My letterpress studio is in my garage. The press itself is cast iron and weighs about 800 lbs. I’ve restored and repainted my press. You can view the beautification process and how it works here:

If you have an existing logo or design file, Blushing Pearl can letterpress print  your design. Just keep in mind that your artwork is original and not copyrighted!

5. What advice can you give a bride looking to make her wedding unique and what to keep in mind when selecting the save-the-dates, invitations, response cards, favor tags, etc?

Brides- it helps out to keep an “idea binder”, where you take all of those favorite magazine cut outs and samples from bridal shows and keep a visual journal of what you like or don’t like. This way you can clearly see what direction your wedding is headed. As a designer for wedding invitations, I usually ask for visual references to better help me know what style you are looking for. From there, we can narrow down your options and start creating a cohesive look for your invitation.

Another very, VERY important tip- make sure you proof read, and then proof read again. The little extra time it takes to proof read twice will help save added expenses in the end.

6.  Anything else you want to share or want us to know?

Take a look at our Website…It’ll give you a glimpse at our past work and capabilities!

We love to socialize and network :) You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin:


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