Etsy Thursday: Gold Sequin Wedding

Gold Sequin Inspired Wedding

Last month I decided to join the buzz and share my wedding trend predictions for 2013. One of my wedding trend predictions was the increased use of  SEQUINS in weddings. Why? They are cheap, lovely accents, a decorative element we are seeing more use of in fashion, and simply, they just look amazing! This week’s Etsy wedding finds are comprised of the oh so lovely and elegant gold sequins.


Sequin Save-the-Date

Sequin Save-the-Date


Sequins Invitation

Sequins Invitation


Sequins Invitation

Sequins Invitation



Gold Sequins

sequin fabric garland

Sequin Fabric Garland


Gold Sequin & Black Rhinesetone Ribbon Headband

Gold Sequin & Black Rhinesetone Ribbon Headband


sequin wedding dress

Sequin Wedding Dress


Champagne Gold Sequins Wedding Dress

Champagne Gold Sequins Wedding Dress

sequin bridal sash

Sequin Bridal Sash

Sequin Clutch

Sequin Clutch


Bridesmaid Dress with Sequin Belt

Great option as a Bridesmaid Dress with Sequin Belt


Gold Sequin Bracelet

Gold Sequin Bracelet


Gold Sequin & Beaded Shoes

Gold Sequin & Beaded Shoes


I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU:  What did you think of this collection? What other sequin colors would you love to see in weddings?

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Wedding Trends for 2013

Wedding Trend Predictions for 2013

As you know Wedding Trends for 2013 is a hot topic right now. I am sure that you have seen a lot of buzz on the blog (this year and last year) about wedding trend predictions for this year, but this post is a bit unique because I wanted to add my own personal feedback on what I have noticed and think will be hot wedding trends for 2013!

Creative, Eclectic, Unique & Intimate Venues

As a wedding planner in Southern California, I’ve noticed my clients are asking and booking more creative, eclectic, and non-traditional venues for their wedding day. Although the beach, hotel, and woodsy outdoor venues have been super popular, I think that we will see more unique venues for brides and grooms in 2013, such as museums/art galleries, restaurants, rooftops in downtown areas, vineyards, industrial-like buildings, private homes, and more. (My venue prediction is featured on Bridal Tweet’s 2013 Wedding Trends post – take a look!)

Here are a couple examples of this trend prediction – Creative, Eclectic, Unique, & Intimate Venues.

Last summer, one of my brides exchanged vows at the Long Beach Museum of Art:


Photographer | David from Novia Bella Photography


Another one of my clients shared their love vows at a rustic stable in Huntington Beach called Red Horse Barn:


Photographer | Pavonne Photography


My current bride plans on getting married at a Mason Lodge and you have no idea how beautiful her wedding and reception are going to be at this eclectic venue – can’t wait to share pictures next year!



When it comes to style and decor for 2013, I anticipate sequins and pearls being a hot new trend for weddings next year in apparel, accessories, and wedding/reception decor. Here are a few examples:



Sequins Combined With Other Fabric


Full Sequin Dress


Partial Sequin Dress 



{Wedding/Reception Decor}

Sequin Linen


Sequin LOVE Letters


Sequin Runner & Chair Covers


Sequin Centerpiece


Pearl Centerpiece


Pearl Cake Accents


Pearl Details On A Wedding Arch


Pearl Jewelry 

I LOVE the sequin and pearl trend and I definitely think we will see more of these lovely accents incorporated in weddings in 2013!  I hope you enjoyed my predictions, what do you think will be hot this year?




I am a Wedding & Event Planner available for hire in Southern CA! Let me plan your event, provide inspiration, and provide hand-made creative decor for your event! Please take a look at my decor portfolio, weddings, and testimonials. All you have to do is contact me for a FREE consultation to discuss your wedding and/or event. Send me an email at or give me a call at 714-987-2233. There is no obligation to book my services, plus I’d LOVE to speak with you about your special event!


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