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Do you know exactly how many details go into planning a wedding? You can see why brides get stressed because, for the most part, the planning process is on on their shoulders. Every little detail from getting a marriage license to finding a venue to who to invite, not to mention all the details that go into planning the reception.

Complete Wedding Checklist from OliverINK on Etsy

Today’s Wedding Checklists

I think of the details that were part of weddings 30 years ago and how their checklist would be so different from a bride’s of today. Did their checklist include:

  • Decorative Wedding Cupcake Wrappers
  • Signs for Bride and Groom Chairs
  • Washroom Decorations
  • Cocktail Bar Decorations
  • Special Remembrance for Lost Loved Ones
  • Midnight Snacks for Guests
  • Umbrellas and Other Plans for Rain
  • Different Dress for Bride for Reception
  • Kids Table and Entertainment

As brides get more and more detail-oriented, will the lists get longer and longer? Plus, now that types of weddings such as rustic and vintage are becoming so popular, any wedding items that relate to these themes now have to be added to the list.


Tips to Using a Wedding Checklist

Anyway, here are some tips to using a Wedding Checklist that will make sure you have everything covered:

  1. Print out copies of the checklist and give to your groom, maid of honor, bridesmaids and mother-in-law and highlight tasks you want them to do, and WHEN you want them done by.
  2. Every time you have completed a task, don’t just check it off, cross it out. That way you can clearly see how many items are left to do.
  3. As mentioned, if you are having a themed wedding you probably have to source out special items like hay bales and wagon wheels or vintage books, so add a list of all the items you need to buy/source in the notes section.
  4. Ask each of your vendors (i.e. cake maker, photographer, etc.) if they have their own checklist. If not, ask them to review yours and add any tasks that may not be there.
  5. Those last minutes details, the ones you have to do the days before the wedding, are usually the most stressful. Break these out into a separate checklist and give a copy to the groom and maid of honor as a second and third check point.
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Of course, my popular Complete Wedding Checklist is a 14-page printable PDF of everything you need to do before the big day. And you can print as many copies as you like. A steal at just $5 at my Etsy shop…until next time, Gail. 
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Real Wedding: Gaby Ruiz & Jorge Marquez

I was hired by Gaby & Jorge to coordinate their wedding and make sure that all the details that this DIY bride and groom wanted were carried out seamlessly on their wedding day! I would definitely say that this was the most challenging wedding that I have coordinated simply because when they hired me, less than 2 months from their wedding date, they only had the venue secured. I assisted this couple in locating and securing their vendors, provided timelines and checklists to stay on schedule, listened to their vision of the wedding and provided additional inspiration, expertise, and ideas on how to best bring their wishes to reality on their wedding day within the short time frame and tight budget we had to work with. In order to make this the dream wedding that my clients wanted,  a lot of time and effort went into planning and coordinating this wedding prior to the day of, and I am happy to share that on September 2, 2012, this lovely couple shared wedding vows and expressed their love for each other in front of 170 of their family and friends at the Red Horse Barn!

This outdoor wedding turned out beautifully and I received many amazing compliments from the venue, vendors, guests, and the bride and groom regarding how lovely it turned out and how perfectly the day went! (Actually the venue and one of the resident vendors said that out of all the hundreds of weddings they had witnessed at the venue, this one was the best coordinated and planned, and that I was a pleasure to work with.Yay!) I can easily smile along with these two love birds because I was able to plan and coordinate a beautiful wedding for 170 people in less than 6 weeks!  Please take a look at this shabby-chic vintage-styled outdoor wedding held in Huntington Beach, CA.


The Bride & her Bridesmaids


Bride & her Bridesmaids
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Wedding Ceremony & Gazebo at Red Horse Barn


Bride – down the wedding aisle


Wedding Ceremony
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Mr. & Mrs. Marquez
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Bridal Bouquet


“Thank You” Personalized Mason Jar Favors

Personalized Mason Jar Favors


Wedding Centerpiece
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Photographer: Pavonne Photography (

Centerpiece on the reception table


Bride & Groom Photo & Guestbook
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Outdoor wedding reception at Red Horse Barn


Bride & Groom’s First Dance


Wedding Cake
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Wedding Cake


Bride & Groom Grooving on the dance floor


The love birds
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


I hope you enjoyed my labor of love! What did you think of this shabby-chic vintage outdoor wedding? How did I do with only 6 weeks to plan and coordinate this wedding?

Are you or someone you know newly engaged or planning a wedding? If so, I can help you plan your wedding! I offer 3 unique wedding planning packages and can easily tailor my packages to fit your wedding planning needs. Do you have any wedding planning questions? I invite you to review my wedding planning services and contact me for an initial free consultation!


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