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Fun Wedding Gifts

Getting married soon or planning on being a guest at an upcoming wedding? Looking for unique products for your home or a great gift for a birthday? If so, boy do I have a treat for you today – a site that will definitely come in handy in the near future. Please let me introduce you to Uncommon Goods, an online retailer that features unique designs and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment.  A few cool facts about the company: most of the products they sell were created in the US, half of what they sell is handmade, and one-third of their products incorporate recycled and/or up cycled materials. Lastly, one other awesome thing about this company is their humanitarian efforts – they support 4 awesome charities that you can check out here.

Uncommon Goods definitely has some lovely and creative goodies for everyone, but today I’d like to focus on their wedding and anniversary gifts. I took some time to browse the site and check out their wedding gifts and I must admit that quite a few products caught my eye. What I love about the site is that they have such a great variety of products spanning wide range of budgets, and users are able to rate the products – I LOVE and live by reviews so this was a big plus for me! You can check out some wedding gifts options here.

After much internal debate I decided on two fun and useful libation products – a unique molecular mixology Mojito kit and an instant wine chiller. I loved both products so much that I thought I would share my personal review with you. The wine chiller was super easy to use, did an awesome job chilling my Rose wine, and I was amazed at how quickly it chilled the wine. I do agree with the wine chiller’s description that it “maintains the wine’s characteristics and doesn’t alter the taste”. If you are like me and have forgotten to put the wine in the fridge before a party or plain ‘ole dinner, this would be a great addition to your kitchen.

 wine chiller

Now the molecular mixology mojito kit is a truly unique invention. If you love mojitos and are interested in trying something new, this kit offers 7 unique techniques to creatively construct and deconstruct a mojito. This is a fun project to try alone, with friends, or a significant other. This kit goes beyond bartending and will definitely make you feel like you just created something for Top Chef. The best part of it all is enjoying the fruits of your labor! I had a blast making this with my hubby and I’ve still got a few techniques to try out. (Btw if you are not a fan of Mojito’s they also offer similar kits for Margaritas and Cosmopolitans.)

mojito kit

I hope you enjoyed my 2 product reviews – which one would you be more likely to try?  If you are the least bit curious of what other goodies you can find then I’d encourage you to head over to Uncommon Goods.  I’d love to hear your thoughts so let me know your favorite product(s) or if you end up buying something, please let me know what you bought and your personal product review.

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DIY Country Bridal Shower

Country Bridal Shower

You must be wondering “how did you come up with the creative idea of an elegant-styled country bridal shower?” Well as you know by now, I have a hankering for DIY projects and event decor, so I was super excited when I received this lovely linen from Linen Tablecloth and was told I could have my way with it!

Linen Tablecloth

Linen Tablecloth’s – Spring Harvest Tablecloth

I loved the pattern and lace trim of this quality linen, which definitely had an orchard or barn-like country flair, so I decided to create an elegant country bridal shower DIY tablescape using this lovely patterned linen as the base and as inspiration for the decor. My goal was to develop a unique tablescape that could be utilized in both indoor and outdoor settings with a down-home country and elegant rustic feel to it. In order to compliment the gorgeous linen, I went with a navy blue and white color palette infused with gold accents (chargers, candlestick holders, glitter, paint, ribbon and sequins) and tan elements (wood, burlap, and twine). What’s amazing about this elegant country theme is that it would be perfect for a Spring, Summer, or Fall bridal shower, wedding, or baby shower (changing a few elements)! In the end it all came together beautifully, just as I had pictured in my head, and Natalie Henderson did an amazing job capturing all of the minute lovely details that went into this DIY Country Bridal Shower! (Click on the photos below to see the full-sized picture.)  



{Vendors} Event Styling & Design – Elvira DeCuir from DeCuir Details & Design | PhotographerNatalie Isabel Photography | Table Linen & Linen NapkinsLinen Tablecloth

I hope you enjoyed this DIY Country Bridal Shower, please let me know what you think and your favorite decor element by leaving me a note below – I’d love to hear from you! In love with the invitation? If so, I’ve added it to my Etsy shop so that you can simply purchase the invitation pdf to make your own DIY country bridal shower invitations! Also, if you are interested in the DIY instructions for the adorable napkin ring holders, click here. Last but not least, please do me a HUGE favor and share this post with your friends and family, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social network that you love – I would really appreciate it if you could help me share this lovely DIY country bridal shower with more people! THANK YOU so much for being a loyal reader of! (If this is your first time here – Welcome! Please hang out with me and check out the rest of the blog – there’s so much eye candy that it’ll keep you coming back for more!)


Country Bridal Shower Collage


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Real Wedding: Gaby Ruiz & Jorge Marquez

I was hired by Gaby & Jorge to coordinate their wedding and make sure that all the details that this DIY bride and groom wanted were carried out seamlessly on their wedding day! I would definitely say that this was the most challenging wedding that I have coordinated simply because when they hired me, less than 2 months from their wedding date, they only had the venue secured. I assisted this couple in locating and securing their vendors, provided timelines and checklists to stay on schedule, listened to their vision of the wedding and provided additional inspiration, expertise, and ideas on how to best bring their wishes to reality on their wedding day within the short time frame and tight budget we had to work with. In order to make this the dream wedding that my clients wanted,  a lot of time and effort went into planning and coordinating this wedding prior to the day of, and I am happy to share that on September 2, 2012, this lovely couple shared wedding vows and expressed their love for each other in front of 170 of their family and friends at the Red Horse Barn!

This outdoor wedding turned out beautifully and I received many amazing compliments from the venue, vendors, guests, and the bride and groom regarding how lovely it turned out and how perfectly the day went! (Actually the venue and one of the resident vendors said that out of all the hundreds of weddings they had witnessed at the venue, this one was the best coordinated and planned, and that I was a pleasure to work with.Yay!) I can easily smile along with these two love birds because I was able to plan and coordinate a beautiful wedding for 170 people in less than 6 weeks!  Please take a look at this shabby-chic vintage-styled outdoor wedding held in Huntington Beach, CA.


The Bride & her Bridesmaids


Bride & her Bridesmaids
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Wedding Ceremony & Gazebo at Red Horse Barn


Bride – down the wedding aisle


Wedding Ceremony
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Mr. & Mrs. Marquez
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Bridal Bouquet


“Thank You” Personalized Mason Jar Favors

Personalized Mason Jar Favors


Wedding Centerpiece
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Photographer: Pavonne Photography (

Centerpiece on the reception table


Bride & Groom Photo & Guestbook
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Outdoor wedding reception at Red Horse Barn


Bride & Groom’s First Dance


Wedding Cake
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


Wedding Cake


Bride & Groom Grooving on the dance floor


The love birds
Photographer: Pavonne Photography (


I hope you enjoyed my labor of love! What did you think of this shabby-chic vintage outdoor wedding? How did I do with only 6 weeks to plan and coordinate this wedding?

Are you or someone you know newly engaged or planning a wedding? If so, I can help you plan your wedding! I offer 3 unique wedding planning packages and can easily tailor my packages to fit your wedding planning needs. Do you have any wedding planning questions? I invite you to review my wedding planning services and contact me for an initial free consultation!


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Real Wedding: Desire Clark + Andre Hilliard

I was hired by Desire & Andre to coordinate their wedding and make sure that all the details that this DIY bride and groom planned for were carried out seamlessly on their wedding day! I am happy to report that on July 24, 2012 at the Long Beach Museum of Art, these two love birds shared their written wedding vows and said “I DO” in front of all of their family and friends!  It was a wonderful wedding and these two couldn’t stop smiling. I’d like to share my work with you in hopes that by the end of this post you will be smiling, just like these two.


Long Beach Museum of Art
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


Wedding Ceremony (Overlooking the Pacific Ocean)
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


Beautiful Floral Aisle
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


The Bride & her Bridesmaids
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


The Groom & his Groomsmen
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


Here Comes The Bride…..
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


The 1st Kiss as Husband & Wife
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


The Bride & Groom’s First Dance
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


Smiles from Mr. & Mrs. Andre Hilliard
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


The Rings
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


Creative Favors–DIY Hand-Painted Frames
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


The Lovely Cake & Cupcake Stand
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


The wedding is over, but this is just the beginning for this newly married couple!
Photographer: Daniel from Novia Bella Photography (


Are you or someone you know newly engaged or planning a wedding? If so, I can help you plan your wedding! I offer 3 unique wedding planning packages and can easily tailor my packages to fit your wedding planning needs. Do you have any wedding planning questions? I invite you to review my wedding planning services and contact me for an initial free consultation!


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The Best of Etsy Thursday: Part 1

For the next couple weeks, I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my favorite previous Etsy Thursday wedding posts! Many of you are new to the blog and have no idea of some of the awesome Etsy wedding items I have collected over the past year. Etsy Thursday started with random wedding finds that I liked, but it has grown into what you see today–collective Etsy wedding finds to suite a unique wedding theme!

(I’ll select a photo from each post and all you have to do is click on the photo to see the original post and all the other gorgeous finds!)


Walking down memory lane, here is one of the finds from my very 1st Etsy Thursday post:


Who doesn’t need some bling in their life?


Set sail with this Nautical Collection–Aye, Aye!


 What’s your wedding dress style? Find out as you view your options!


You’ll be able to feel the breeze and the salty ocean mist with these lovely beach wedding finds!


Celebrate your culture and add elements to your wedding! Take a peek at these cultural wedding finds!


Oh Chevron, how I LOVE thee! 


More please of this Parisian-styled wedding! Oui, Oui!


Vintage + Carnival = My kind of wedding! Take a look at all these adorable and fun wedding finds!


Obsessed with 50 Shades of Grey? Well this post won’t disappoint you! Feast on this eye-candy!


THOUGHTS: What did you think of these previous Etsy Thursday posts? Which post is your favorite? Did you find a favorite item?

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Hot Wedding Trend for 2013: #6 ChickenWire



As the Rustic Wedding Trend continues, burlap may just find some tough competition from another material  – chicken wire – as a sought after wedding detail.

Chicken wire is so inexpensive and easily can add that vintage charm to just about anything. Here are some products to help inspire you to add chicken wire to your wedding décor.


For the Buffet Table


For Holding Escort Cards or Displaying Engagement Photos


For Aisle Lighting


For Mason Jars


Wrap around Trees and Pillars


For the Wedding Cake


For the Guest Book Holder


For the Wedding Card Box


For Rustic Wedding Table Décor

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Please see more of my ideas in my ebooks, available at my Etsy shop…until next time, Gail. 

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I SPY: Entertainment for your wedding

Creative idea to add some entertainment while obtaining great candid photos of your wedding! lacedin

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 DIY Sparkly Tablescape

Lovely! theglitterguide: DIY Sparkly Tablescape |

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Beautiful short-style wedding dresses!

Love these short style dresses! Sexy! :)


Reception Dresses: So this is my take on them.  Are they beautiful? Absolutely, but if I’m going to spend all that money on that one dress that you dream about, why change?

An alternative may be to have a rehearsal party and wear a cocktail reception type dress then.  If you like the look of a shorter dress, maybe you should wear a recption dress as your actual wedding dress.  There’s nothing wrong with being different.

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1 Word—Beautiful….

1 Word—Beautiful….

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