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3D-Memoirs is my personal blog written and edited by me and occasionally you will see guest posts by other bloggers that are reviewed and approved by me. At times, I will accept paid for advertising, products for giveaways, collaborative products and promotions, and sponsorship that you may see on my blog. It is important for you to know that 3D-Memoirs does abide by the FTC guidelines and fully discloses compensation. If compensation influences a post, it’s content, and/or topics, I will fully disclose this and identify it with the following graphic at the bottom of the post:


I will only support, endorse, or share content, vendors, or products that align with the interests of my readers, compliments my blog and it’s content, and that I would personally purchase feel comfortable either purchasing the product or purchasing through the vendor. I only share things that I love and feel confident in knowing that you will too! I do not have any intention of this blog becoming a walking advertisement for any company or product and I have chosen to be very selective in the products and/or vendors that I choose to work with and share on the blog. You will find that as the writer and owner of this blog that I will always give my honest personal opinion and feedback on items or topics featured on this blog.
Should you have any questions regarding my disclosure policy, please contact me.  If you have a product or service that you feel would benefit my readers and aligns with the blog and it’s content, please contact me for additional information regarding sponsorship opportunities.
3D Memoirs does not take any credit nor owns any rights to the photos shown on this blog, unless specifically stated, and we make sure to credit the original source when it is known. If you see photographs, DIY Tutorials, or other items on our site that are not credited properly, please let us know and we will remove them immediately. If you choose to submit any photos, DIY Tutorials, or anything else you have the copyright to the items submitted or the approval from the copyright owner to submit and share on 3D Memoirs. We will not be held liable for any copyright claims from the owner or anyone else as well as any material that is reblogged or shared on other websites or social media sites without permission from the original owner and 3D Memoirs.

3D Memoirs is a personal blog and will not be held liable for any tips, advice, resources or recommendations made on the site. Although we do our best to research the information posted, we can not be held liable for anything related to the information shared on this site. Please exercise your best judgement in utilizing information from this site.  As it pertains to giveaways, contests, and/ or free templates, 3D Memoirs is not liable for any claims from winners, including but not limited to, breach of contract, tortious interference with a business, intentional infliction of emotional distress, etc.

When it comes to comments and participation from readers on this blog, 3D Memoirs will not tolerate inappropriate or disrespectful comments, spam, promotion of businesses/services that are not a good fit for our readers, profanity or offensive behavior, and we will immediately remove these comments from the blog. 3D Memoirs is not liable for any comments shared on the blog nor the responsibility of monitoring inappropriate content or conduct. If you see or find offensive or inappropriate comments, please contact us immediately and we will review it and remove the comment if deemed necessary.


Information Sharing and Disclosure

3D Memoirs does not sell, rent, or lease it’s readers information to third party companies. Occasionally we may offer giveaways, contests, and/or offers that you may be interested in that originate from third party companies. When this occurs, your personal information (e-mail and name) is not provided or transferred to the third party unless you have personally consented or requested such transfer (for example by entering a third party contest on 3D Memoirs website). However, 3D Memoirs does retain the ability to disclose your personal information, without notice, when: you give us your express consent for a specified purpose, we need to respond to subpoenas, court orders or such other legal process, we need to protect the personal safety of the users of our website or defend our rights or property, and/or we find that your actions on our website violates any of our usage guidelines on this page for our website, specific products, or services. Lastly, if you choose to click on any links or graphics that take you to another website, 3D Memoirs is not liable for any content or interactions between you and the third party company. Please make sure to read the terms of use and privacy policies for these other sites.

If you have any questions regarding 3D Memoirs terms of use and information sharing, please contact us at 3dmemoirs@gmail.com.

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