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It use to be that the top of your wedding cake had a bell or a small figure of a bride and groom. But today’s brides have gotten way more creative and cake toppers are more unique than ever. Here are some ideas you should consider for a new popular trend, wedding cake topper banners.

Wedding Cake Topper from BHLDN

Wedding Cake Topper from BHLDN

DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

This very popular wedding cake topper trend is actually one that most brides could DIY. They are flags, buntings, pennants or banners with special sayings. I thought I would give some ideas of how you can take this trend and make it more personal and unique to your own wedding.

Wedding Cake Topper Banner Words

You will see a lot of these wedding cake banners saying, “Just Married” or, as in the photo here, “Happily Ever After”. Here are some more ideas to consider:

  • “We Tied the Knot, Now Let’s Eat Cake!”
  • “Our Eternal Love”
  • “Blessed to Share This Day with All of You”
  • “Our New Life Together”
  • “Forever and Always”
  • “From This Moment On”

You could also use a mix of typefaces or various colors for the words. You could even substitute the O’s in words with ♥’s or add fancy scrolls as they did here.

Wedding Cake Topper Banner Material

You will see cake toppers made out of burlap and glitter paper, or just plain paper. Here are some other ideas:

  • Lace paper
  • Gold foil
  • Vellum
  • Vintage floral fabric

Wedding Cake Topper Banner Sticks

You could do something really interesting with the sticks that hold the flag banners. Maybe wrap them in colorful baker’s twine or dip the sticks in egg whites and then dip in edible cake glitter (it does exist!). You could also do something fun like use candy canes to hold up the banner if you are having a Christmas wedding.

More Embellishments

You can add more interest to the cake banners by adding tassels, press on flowers, leaves or jewels, or use scrapbook decorative punchers to make unique designs. You could also interweave satin ribbons or lace.

You’ll find more wonderful and original ideas in my Ebook, 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, available here.  I’ll be back January 7th with more ideas….until thenGail

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