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In my ebook, 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, I end with a section called, appropriately, finishing touches. Those unique little details you can add to your wedding ceremony and reception that will really leave your guests in awe! Below is just a small excerpt from my ebook:

 Set up a bench in front of a scenic area at your reception, like the wedding cake display, and have a friend or relative take guests photos (like a prom photo kind of idea). Include the photo in your thank you notes.

Use a camera cell phone to help far away friends and relatives experience your wedding in near real-time. Take a picture of the two of you leaving the church in your limo, post to your Facebook page or e-mail the photo and then call the recipient. You could use Skype as well.

 A yard of beaded trim is not expensive, usually about $2 and can be found in the notions section of any fabric or craft store. It’s an inexpensive way to dress up tablecloths, bridesmaids’ dresses, gloves, wraps, even place cards.

 To keep kids busy at an outdoor wedding, put them behind a lemonade stand to serve guests non-alcoholic drinks.

 It’s expensive (under $1,000), but as your guests exit the church, how cool would it be to hire a small plane to fly over head pulling a banner that reads, “Congratulations to John & Stephanie, Who Just Got Married!”

Have your musicians continue playing outside after the ceremony to keep the celebration going, until all guests have departed the church.

 Create life-size photo cutouts of the bride and groom and put them at the door of the reception hall. Makes for great photographs.

 For an outdoor wedding, set up intimate conversation areas by using small tent cabanas that can house 8 to 10 guests.

 Give each guest a roll of paper streamers, ribbons and balloons as they leave the church and encourage them to quickly decorate their cars.

 Be sure to have some snacks available (nothing that can spill or stain clothes) in the limousine for your wedding party, particularly when you go off to take your photos.

 Be sure to honor both sets of parents and serve them the first piece of wedding cake.

 Ask your guests to do something specific for the wedding. Maybe you want them all to wear white, or all the women to wear hats, or everyone to hold a candle during the service.

My ebook is available at my Etsy shop. I’ll be back next Monday with more ideas….until thenGail.

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