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Weddings & the Four Seasons of LOVE

Have you missed me? Enjoying summer? Summer is my favorite season of the year and although I’ve missed you guys, I have been having a blast and can’t believe we are half-way through summer! What is your favorite season of the year – Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

Today, I am so excited to share with you some awesome custom designed wedding invitations & save-the-dates for every season from a lovely Etsy duo named Behold Designz! Behold Designz is very unique in that they tailor their work and designs based upon the bride’s wedding color palette and floral arrangement – how awesome is that! With feedback from the bride, they truly do a wonderful job capturing the unique elements, color palette, and style of each of their brides – all for an budget-friendly price and within a reasonable timeframe (only 6 weeks)!

If you are a visual person like me, you are probably dying to see what these creative and beautifully colorful invitations look like so I won’t make you wait any longer. :) Here is an adorable collection for the four seasons that Behold Designz created just for me to share with my readers – you are going to love this!


Fall Wedding Save-the-Date

I have to say that this one is my favorite, I just LOVE the fall colors and the antlers! Being a nature girl that loves the natural elements, I am loving the earthy, rustic/whimsical feel with these save-the-dates and matching wedding invitation.

Floral Antler Save the date

Floral Antler Save-the-date


Winter Wedding Invitation

This cool red velvet and gray invitation suite is perfect for a lovely winter wedding. Surprise your guests with this custom winter wedding invitation suite that will definitely warm their heart.

Floral Winter Wedding Invitation

Floral Winter Wedding Invitation


Spring and Summer Save-the-Date

The bright, cheery, and colorful “Beloved” save-the-date would be perfect for either a Spring or Summer wedding.  I am loving the pops of color and simplistic message of love – definitely romantic!

Floral Spring and Summer Save-the-Date

Floral Spring and Summer Save-the-Date


I don’t know about you but I am loving these wedding invitations and save-the-dates that beautifully represents the four seasons of love! From the invitations above do you see how Behold Designz was able to utilize one design and tranform each invitation into something unique and creative by simply using different color palettes? The color combinations uniquely changes the entire look of the design, which allows a bride to essentially have their own one-of-a-kind wedding invitation! Again, this is one of the awesome things about working with Behold Designz – you get to be an integral part of the process, customizing your wedding invitation suite to match your color palette and floral selections, and having a finished product that you’ll LOVE sharing with your friends and family!

If you loved this eye-candy, please make sure you stop by Behold Designz Etsy shop and check out some of their other lovely floral wedding invitation designs or contact them for a beautiful custom wedding invitation design!



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